Nicole Feest is one rad girl boss who is passionate about all things female. We had some quality time creating analog magic with Koonyai Studio's concrete block threader earrings and I am loving how these turned out. 

Ok, raise your hand if you have super sensitive skin. *raises hand* These earrings feel like a DREAM. I haven't worn a single pair of earrings in years because my ears so easily puff up and get irritated. Granted, $2 H&M earrings probably aren't good for anyone's skin but regardless, these concrete block threaders are PERFECT. Plus look at the style of these babies- stunning. You would think, "concrete? Isn't that heavy?" Surprisingly not. They are extremely lightweight, and that's probably another reason why they feel so great! 

For this shoot, we went with a minimalistic all-white look, but I've now worn these earrings with almost everything. A bohemian summer dress, a sleek outfit for work, denim on denim vibes- they basically go with everything. A staple pair for your jewelry collection. 

Pick up a pair for yourself HERE. Also be sure to check out Nicole's Maidens Magazine for all the girly things.


STYING Madi Reimer

PRODUCT Koonyai Studio