giddy for spring w HANNA VOXLAND

This look is getting me all ready for spring to begin!! My favorite MOTHER Denim crop kick flares + a white t + bandana. Honestly though, I've been wearing these jeans every season... So I'm just pumped to start wearing them again with something other than sweaters & scarves.

MOTHER Denim is the best out there. They feel like butter, are breathable, and extremely flattering to every body type. Being that I have more hips than I would desire, these high waist MOTHER's smooth me out and helps create an appealing figure. HIGHLY recommend splurging on a pair for yourself.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, stop by The Golden Rule in Excelsior! They have lots of different styles on hand:)

And let's talk bandanas for a moment here. Whenever I tie one of these puppies around my neck, I immediately feel like either a Parisian native or a western cowgirl. Either one is permissible. This outfit feels more on the french side to me.