I want to radiate whimsical imagery that is honest and captivating- subtle moments in photos & design that emanate feelings of nostalgia, home, vulnerability. Different photographers bring different nuances to each image, and when creating together, it's magic. I am a broken human. We all are broken humans. What is the result when you collide art/photography with people? Healing- and a realization that we all are significant and truly have something pulsing within us to be an individual. To be ourselves. Let it be released through art. Through photos. Through the way your body moves and contorts in an image. This isn't limited to one "look" because you are a multifaceted person! I PRAY you are never limited by a certain persona you think you need to be. I personally have never been consistent in my fashion choices, "instagram feed," or even my relationships- because we are always changing, growing, learning. And that is an absolutely wonderful and freeing feeling. For this reason, the relationship between a photographer & model, and what can become of it, is beautiful, infinite, whimsical.


a collection of portraiture, varied. see full set


 my hope is that you are inspired, challenged, or wooed by something unexpected.



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